A person who feels passion for what he does ...

who is Vasile Bogdan Trepadus ?

I am a person who has two names: Vasile and Bogdan and a surname: Trepadus, names that you will find throughout Europe, in different forms.

Vasile is known from the greek word "vasileios, basileios" who means king, or from latin word "basilica" who means church. It was very popular since the 3rd and 4th centuries (200-400 AD) in the entire Mediterranean region (today Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Italy etc.).

Bogdan is a masculine name from slavic origin, and its meaning "the gift of God" or "given by God". This name is very extensive in the slavic countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Greece, etc.).

I was born in december 1989, in Iasi, Romania. It is considered a country from Eastern Europe. It borders with Ukraine and Moldova in the northeast, Hungary and Serbia in the west and Bulgaria in the south. Romania also has a small coastline to the Black Sea.

I finished my studies in Romania, then here in Spain I continued with some courses in Bilbao and Lekeitio, because a characteristic of my personality is curiosity. When I'm not working and I have free time, I like to fill it up studying, drawing or any other activity that I enjoy. I am a resident of Lekeitio, since 2013.

Romanian and Spanish are Romance languages (romanic languages or latin languages, Indo-European languages) and most of the words are almost the same, similar, or identical.

Another language which I use a lot is English, because I am passionate about technology and everything that is related to computer science.

Other hobbies that I have in my free time are: drawing, sport, listening music (Morat, Ed Sheeran, Soha, Coldplay, Pharrell Williams, Avicii, Maroon, Adele, Maluma, Imagine Dragons, Rag'n'Bone, Sia, Holograf, Smiley, Bebe Rexha, Calvin Harris, Iggy Azalea, David Guetta, Dj snake, Indila, La oreja de Van Gogh, Louane, Melendi, Sean Paul,, Anne Marie, Alvaro Soler, Coscuelluela, Dady Yankke, Farukko, Juan Magan, J Balvin, Carla´s Dream, Onerepublic, Linkin Park, Meghan Trainor, Lorde, Jesse & Joy, Pablo Alboran etc. ) watch movies (La la land 2016, Minions 2015, Jurrasic world 2015, San Andreas 2015, Ted 2012 and 2015, Taken 2008, 2012 and 2014, Crimson Peak 2015, 300 2008 and 2014, Lucy 2014, Transcendent 2014, The Equalizer 2014, The Hunger Games 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, Ender's Game 2013, Silver Linings Playbook 2012, Life of Pi 2012, Me Before You 2016 etc.), playing video games on my pc (cs: go), watch documentaries or tutorials.



Name: VASILE BOGDAN Surname 1: TREPADUS Surname 2: -
Date of birth: 20/12/1989 Gender: Man Nationality: Romanian
Adress: LEKEITIO, 48280
Tfno Contact: (+34) 654575942
Driving license: B


Certificate: Center: Hours: Date:
FP I: Electrical installations and industrial automation IES Lekeitio BHI 2000 october 2017 - march 2019
Installation and maintenance of telecommunication infrastructure IES Lekeitio BHI 330 october 2016 - may 2017
Consumer electronic equipment Implika Bilbao 450 february 2016 - may 2016
Creating and publishing web pages ASLE Bilbao 180 september 2015 - december 2015
Web design and web programming Euro Personal Iasi 80 march 2012 - may 2012
IT Essentials PC Hardware and Software Varilogic - Credis Iasi 100 october 2011 - december 2011
Baccalaureate The Orthodox Theological Seminary SF. VASILE CEL MARE Iasi 2500 october 2007 - july 2009
Obligatory Secondary Education The Orthodox Theological Seminary SF. VASILE CEL MARE Iasi 2500 october 2005 - july 2007


1 Aplitec Montaje SL
agosto 2019 – noviembre 2019
Electrician 3rd grade trepadus Tasks: industrial electrical installations, maintenance, assembly
2 Luis Moral Elektrizitatea
march 2019 - june 2019
Electrician's assistant trepadus Tasks: electrical installations, telecommunication installations, electrical panels, maintenance
3 Hotel Palacio Urribaren
june 2018 - september 2018
Kitchen assistant trepadus Task: Cleaning of kitchen tools and workspace. Preparation of pintxos, bocadillos, hamburgers, salads, sandwich.
4 Degustacion Atea
january 2014 - august 2017
Kitchen assistant trepadus Task: Cleaning of kitchen tools and maintenance local. Preparation of pintxos, bocadillos and sandwiches. On weekends portions, combined plates. Assistant Pastry.
5 Independent activity in Lekeitio
october 2014 – october 2015
Graphic and multimedia designer trepadus Task: design or redesign web pages, logo design and business card, website mentenance, advertising material. Web page:
january 2012 – july 2012
Web designer trepadus Task: sales, presentation, monitoring, clients service.
7 Euro Personal
march 2012 - may 2012
Web designer trepadus Task: creation, design and maintenance web pages
8 Varilogic – Credis
october 2011 - december 2011
Microinformatics Systems Technician trepadus Task: perform step by step assembly of a desktop computer, upgrade or replace components of a laptops, printers, or scanners,installation of peripherals and multimedia capbilities, installation and navigation of an operating system.


Informatics:Internet (advanced), Microsoft Office (average), Adobe photoshop (average), Adobe ilustrator (average), Adobe After Effects (basic), Coreldraw (basic), SonyVegas (basic), Autocad (basic), Audacity (basic)
Languages:Spanish (average), English (basic), Romanian (native language)

[Download in HTML format] [File name: VasileEN.html, Size: 15Kb]
[Download in PDF format] [File name: Vasile_EN.pdf, Size: 310Kb]

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